Mortar Makes It Happen

Posted by gavinmills on November 19, 2012

Today I’d like to talk about the three keys to business development and how you can put the right bricks in place to build a solid foundation.

Here are the three main areas of business development:

  • Innovation
  • Quantification
  • Orchestration

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You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby, Right ‘Round

Posted by gavinmills on November 9, 2012

The biggest area of turn-key businesses is franchising. There is a franchise for practically every industry in the world. They are fairly easy to acquire and practically come with a pop out of the box pre-assembled system. McDonald’s is a prime example. In fact, a $40 billion, 28,707 strong example.

Today we’re going to cover:

  • Business Format Franchise
  • The Franchise Prototype
  • Franchise Prototype Standards

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