Deliver + 1

Posted by gavinmills on January 5, 2013

What a great way to start 2013…

In the last post we talked about how to figure out what your customers want out of a positive shopping experience. Today we’ll talk about the concept of Deliver +1 and how this concept can take your customer service to the next level. I’ve decided to split up this post so the next one will cover the 1% Rule.

Consistency is the key to any great customer service experience. If you want to take your satisfied customers to Raving Fan status, you have to go above and beyond the average customer service experience.

There are three ways to develop consistency:

Avoid offering too many customer service options.

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Shhh… I Have A Secret

Posted by gavinmills on December 7, 2012

Customer service is a pretty hot topic and can make or break your business. Consumers have little patience for lousy customer service and easily get tired of waiting in long lines, trying to get a live person on the line, going through an interrogation to return something or trying to communicate through a language barrier.

If you provide them with a simple, efficient, pleasant experience they will revisit your business over and over. More importantly, they will tell everyone they know!

There are 3 secrets to good customer service – the first one we’re going to conquer is knowing exactly what YOU want.

You are the captain of the ship and the visionary for the future of your business, so you need to have a clearly defined plan for your business and that includes customer service. There are 3 main goals you need to consider:

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I Don’t Have Time!

Posted by gavinmills on November 23, 2012

What does this really mean?

I had a great discussion this morning with a group of Entrepreneurs, and Time was the hot topic today.

You see, when you really analyze it (and be honest here guys ‘coz you’re looking in the mirror now) – is it that you really don’t have the time, or is it more a matter of how do you manage your own time? And I’m the first to admit that, at least for me, it’s ALWAYS a question of how I manage my time. So what’s your take on this?…

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Mortar Makes It Happen

Posted by gavinmills on November 19, 2012

Today I’d like to talk about the three keys to business development and how you can put the right bricks in place to build a solid foundation.

Here are the three main areas of business development:

  • Innovation
  • Quantification
  • Orchestration

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You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby, Right ‘Round

Posted by gavinmills on November 9, 2012

The biggest area of turn-key businesses is franchising. There is a franchise for practically every industry in the world. They are fairly easy to acquire and practically come with a pop out of the box pre-assembled system. McDonald’s is a prime example. In fact, a $40 billion, 28,707 strong example.

Today we’re going to cover:

  • Business Format Franchise
  • The Franchise Prototype
  • Franchise Prototype Standards

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